Application development

Business intelligence is closer than you think! By unique applications we connect systems an automatize processes, to leave you even more time for your own business. 

Application development

Hungarian enterprises in our age have to handle data from a number of different sources, which are processed and implemented through various business processes into its own system.

We have partners that are forced to work under several different corporate governance systems, with one part of their data in one system, and another part in the other one. To some businesses, the cause for concern is that data gets lost or damaged during the decision-making process.

In our experience, it is essential for an efficient workflow to use applications that follow processes and are independent of background systems.

What do we offer in the field of development?

We have a track record of preparing unique applications for our partners to improve their competitiveness and increase their lead against competitors. When we select the technology and develop the application, we always follow the latest software development trends, methods and technologies. This guarantees that our partners always receive the best of the finished software solutions.

What technologies do we use in development?

We develop primarily for Microsoft platform, which allow for achieving high quality and customer satisfaction. Applied technologies include:

  • Microsoft .NET MVC
  • AngularJS
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server
  • Microsoft Infopath
  • Microsoft Workflow
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Application development methodologies

Since all applications are unique, our Partners have the choice to order software that only does what is required from it, but does it to maximum effect. There will be no unnecessary functions, blank field, therefore no restrictions or defects, either.

This also eliminates unyielding investment, because we design the visuals of the planned application beforehand, and display it to you before development or placing an order.

What do we develop?

In recent years, we have conducted software development works for several of our Partners. The objectives hugely varied, so I would like to list a few of the most important assignments:

  • Personal work processes development in a SharePoint environment by using workflows and Infopath forms;
  • Supporting authorisation processes in a SharePoint environment by using workflows and Infopath forms;
  • Logistics schedule visualization based on .NET MVC, by using Microsoft SQL Server Database;
  • Production process visualization, based on HTML and JavaScript, by using JSON technology;
  • Supporting production process data recording based on .NET MVC, by using Microsoft SQL Server Database.

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