Cloud services

In 2019, a hybrid cloud is the best solution. There are services where it is good to have them in the cloud, and others that we should not let out of our hands.

Professionalism is finding the right balance. 

Cloud services

It is not a coincidence that there is a growing market demand to eliminate costly investments and receive high-quality services at once. The foundation of our cloud-based solutions is that we offer cheap and flexible solutions that provide expensive, large enterprise functions (such as high availability and disaster recovery), and all this for small and medium enterprises. Our advantages compared to multinational cloud services is that, in contrast with them, we know, when the need arises, the location of our servers and the security measures we have taken to protect them, and that it is 100% certain that no behaviour analysis applications are running in our databases.

Teamwork Support

The scope of email usage is considerably wider than it used to be: it is no longer only used in communication between two parties, but also for transferring multi-level information within internal company teams or towards customers. Managing and sorting out messages is taking up an increasingly large portion of daily work.

For the purpose of a structured workflow, we need a single platform for conveying information, organizing meetings, scheduling processes, and sharing documents. These solutions, whose purpose is to provide a wide range of functions for shared work, are called teamwork-supporting systems. These can be considered a comprehensive service with the elements we offer, such as high availability and data backup.

  • In the discussion category view, you can easily overview entire groups of emails and documents for each specific topic;
  • You have the option to mark individual messages or assign deadlines to them for subsequent processing;
  • By assigning filters and automatic blocking of unwanted spams, managing messages takes up less time;
  • You can create folders and subfolders, group your messages and address books, and share them with your colleagues for a faster and more efficient information stream and for exact delegation of tasks;
  • Thanks to the high-profile connection management tools, the data available in your PC mail system is harmonized with the one on your mobile phone;
  • Supporting calendar and task management functions is essential, since you can directly click an email to arrange a meeting with all interested participants, where the information you need for the meeting is right there in the emails.
  • You can overview your colleagues' scheduled, and if an invitee is not available at the designated time, the system will let you know before you send them the invitation.

Dokument Management

The amount of documents produced within companies has, contrary to expectations, not decreased but decidedly increased. This poses several problems, to which we offer solutions to support everyday processes.

Our service is compiled to minimize paper-based documents, and to store and forward electronic documents. This is the first step to create a corporate environment that is easy to supervise and secure to regulate to reduce costs. For small enterprises, it is also excellent for defining each work task and designating the necessary steps and the persons in charge.

Storing paper-based documents is space consuming, and following their route within the company is nearly impossible, making them the cause of a number of problems. By intelligent document handling we mean a system where:

  • the required document is found within seconds;
  •  confidential data are only accessible by those authorised;
  • version tracking is available, meaning that any preceding state is retrievable in a document under ongoing editing, and there are no accidentally deleted or overwritten documents;
  • a multi-actor approval procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes without days of delay;
  • the route of the documents is precisely tracked and you can see who modified what in them;
  • a document will only be printed when there is really need for it

Online Backup Service

For the security of your business operations, you need to repeatedly save the information you have produced, and to have this data available and restorable at all times. Our online saving service, similarly to the methods used in large enterprises, stores a copy of your information at a central database protected against unauthorised access, so that in case of any failure or intentional mishandling, they can be restored from there within a short while and the work you have invested is not lost.

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