Designing and building IT systems

Designing and building IT systems

Our company has decades of experience in operating IT systems. Based on our expertise and the demands of hundreds of our clients, we have integrated solutions into our services that will serve your convenience and guide you in reaching your goals.

Our services cover all aspects of life, such as email systems, corporate management software, central storage, etc., and we design, build and operate systems accordingly. A system that fulfils services in all respects, while being compact enough to not require too much investment.

We know from experience that a system that will serve our Partners in the long run needs to be constructed from the best components.

We jointly test the applied technologies and equipment; this way we can guarantee the highest possible efficiency.

When designing systems, we prioritize the needs of our Partners, and do not use exceedingly high-level solutions unless they are truly necessary. This is another field where optimal solutions are complemented by cost efficiency, not space technology. 

What advantages does it bring for you?

Without aiming to give an exhaustive list, these are the main characteristics of systems shipped and operated by us:

  • Uninterrupted availability: Our systems are secure due to their design, and any faults that may occur remain unnoticeable for users and will not hinder work. Bypassing most faults is automatic.
  • High level of data security: Our networks communicate with the outside world through secure channels, reducing the chances of external intrusion or data theft.
  • Disaster recovery: All our systems have integrated data saving and archiving solutions, so that work can continue shortly after all kinds of unexpected events and to prevent data loss. 
  • Cost-efficiency, flexibility: The investment conforms to your needs: you only pay for what you use. Moreover, our systems – services and equipment alike – are available in a lump-sum monthly subscription as well do that you do not need to invest millions.
  • All from one place: Apart from a fundamental IT system – emails, domain, file and resource sharing, etc. – we also offer several high-level solutions and services. 

We are in direct contact with the most renown manufacturers in Hungary to always bring you the optimal solution at the best available price.

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