Designing and constructing networks

A network in IT is like a foundation in architecture. If it is of adequate quality, it will serve and support the structures built upon it for decades. 

Designing and constructing networks

For companies that have developed quickly or have several branches, an undersized network is often the problem, for it is unable to perform the required tasks at the necessary speed and level of safety; whereas in companies handling personal or confidential data, damages from data theft and outside intrusion can add up into the millions. 

Designing and managing networks

By this we mean all active and passive network equipment that supply the flow of information necessary for everyday work between individual work stations and servers. The processes of your business depend on the reliability of the IT network, so it is important to have it built from quality part, without glitches, and to ensure uninterrupted operation.

If the system has been designed and installed appropriately, it works unnoticed and everything goes according to plan. Failures will, however, cause interruptions in emailing, restrict access to network printers and folders, opening files becomes slower, and thereby the efficiency and comfort of employees will be reduced. In extreme cases, work may become impossible altogether.

Frequent faults in networks


  • Unwanted applications may open various gates and gaps; external attacks may slow down the network. Usually this is only detected when the problem has occured.
  • Protect the network by active firewalls to have your valuable business information in safety and to prevent data leaks or international intrusion.
  • Viruses and unwantes software running in the background may communicate externally. These programs are usually prepared to stay undetected.
  • The network and its traffic can be regulated to stop unnecessary online load; also, this way data phishing software are detected earlier.
  • Users may generate exeptionally large data traffic with external applications. E-mail systems slow down; web pages download very slowly. An annoying occurence, but causes are difficult to find.
  • Intranet can be supervised by individual users, if needed. Regulating traffic will ensure that contents unnecessary for work do not hinder internet access.
  • Guests or employees connecting to the wi-fi may gain unauthorised access to internal business resources. This is probably the most dangerous issue.

  • We need to use high-level wi-fi technology where individual user access can be supervised, or even a separate "guest" subnetwork can be created, allowing access to the internet but not to company network resources.

Why choose us for network building?

It is indispensable that the IT network be made of high-quality passive elements: that cables are properly placed within and without the walls, and equipped with reliable connectors. It is equally important to carefully pick active elements – router and firewall – and have them adjusted by a professional, so that the parts are connected by a more stable and secure link.

Our network design team is deservedly famous for the good quality, precision and flexibility of its installed networks.

Not only do we have 25 years of experience at our disposal, but also all the tools and technologies we may need for constructing a fail-safe network. We are so certain in the systems we construct that we will provide a 10-year warranty on these systems.

Trust the professionals with designing and operating your network system for it to be unnoticeable and solid in serving your everyday business procedures.

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