Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

A frequently occurring issue for small and medium enterprises is the tracking and administration of daily processes. After testing several corporate management systems, we decided to develop our own solution, which is efficiently customizable to provide information to decision-making processes, irrespective of the size of your company.

The purpose of systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are IT support solution that will optimally extend to all activities within the company and handle all of its information in a unified database, thereby playing a preparatory role in decision making. 

Implementing up-to-date ERP systems is definitely a strategic element to create and preserve competitiveness for companies these days. If it is managed properly, information flow is quick and efficient, and if the data they provide truly reflect reality, then we can track costs and the company can quickly react to customer demands and innovation opportunities.

Without ERP

With ERP

  • Difficult to track items (incoming supplies, invoices, etc.)
  • Secure tracking from product acceptance to use and sales
  • Several chances for errors in administration
  • Single administration need, cost efficient and minimizes the chances for errors
  • Unregulated, chances for increased number of complaints in customer service
  • Regulated process, in-built warning system to guide careful customer service
  • Recurring work processes require extra time and work.
  • There are no recurring work processes, everything needs to be recorded only once
  • Divergent data handling, data security cannot be guaranteed
  • Handling all data within one system means security for the company
  • High costs of replacing human resources and training new employees, with frequent loss in revenues
  • Quickly arranged replacement of human resources and training new emloyees - the necessary steps are prefined
  • Difficult and costly handling and retrieval of documents
  • Relevant documents are stored in an organized fashion and can be retrieved easily, for example for mandatory reports or filing for the statistics or tax authorities
  • No available up-to-date information for leadership decisions
  • Detailed leadershio information, up-to-date to the minute, on company activities

What are the benefits of Merlin ERP?

Merlin ERP was created with a background of fifteen years of operational experience and after building various preceding management software, as a result of years of system designing and programming efforts.

Merlin ERP fully covers the operation of a typical Hungarian small or medium enterprise. It has been developed and is updated by developers who are aware of the relevant legal regulations and the demands that may arise in management.

It is simple and its use is self-evident with a modular structure where data flow is automatic and there is no need for repeated data input.

Enterprise Resource Planning software usually form a complex and comprehensive system, therefore they are expensive; moreover, they have several functions that is hardly applicable to your business. Merlin, with its modular design, can be installed and operated with low costs, for you can selects the building blocks you will need in the future and only pay for those.

By harmonizing resources, and creating unison between business strategy, human resources, work processes, and the IT system, the enterprise will maintain its competitiveness in the long run, and will resolve the ever-present market challenges.

Why switch to Merlin?

Success and stability increases for companies that exploit the capabilities of the Merlin ERP, and they will have a greater chance in avoiding management pitfalls. You can prepare statistics and reports that used to take up a vast amount of time and have therefore been seldom used. Now, however, you can check trends with a few clicks and adjust the operation of your business accordingly, thereby optimizing all resources. We do not know which data are important for you, so we will make all available and easy to review.

As a result of well-constructed processes, your colleague will need less time and have greater security and simplicity to perform more work. Countless types of import and export functions are supported, making everyday processes a lot faster.

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