Intelligent document management

The essence of intelligent printing is the conscious optimization of preparing documents. This means on the one hand minimizing expenses, and on the other hand, the overview of printing habits to reduce the amount of documents. 

Intelligent document management

Physical production of documents is necessary. Even though in our age and time all IT solutions direct us towards replacing documents by online, digital copies, still, statistics xear by year show that the number of printed pages are increasing.

However, our printing habits have changed, as the equipment we use and their functions have changed.

Our tools are no longer suitable for only copying, printing or scanning, but they are standalone computers in and of themselves: intelligent tools.

We need to take into account two aspects when designing a printing environment:

  • low costs of prepared documents;
  • exploiting the options of the applied equipment.

Intelligent printing solutions will ensure both the implementation of necessary functions and cost efficiency.

Intelligent printing is about taking into account document handling processes, as well as keeping the expenses of document production as low as possible. As a result, we can further save additional costs at several points of the process.

Optimizing printing

By using optimally designed IT equipment suited to the size, activities and processes of your company, printing costs can be substantially reduced. If printing exceeds 2,000 pages per month at your company, it is worth requesting our free audit.

What kind of posts should you plan for printers?

The above cost structure can be used as a guide for the acquisition of printers, copy machines or multifunctional machines.

Acquisition value is usually favourable, but operation may involve hidden costs:

  • accessories: toners and ink cartridges consumed according to use, which should always be in store
  • maintenance: service charges paid for repairs and the expenses of your colleague managing printer repairs at your company
  • support: training is always required for the optimal use of multifunctional equipment
  • idle time: undersized equipment is always in use and you need to wait in line, while oversized printers or copy machines will use electricity unnecessarily, incurring further costs

What is our 3-step solution to these problems?

  1. Print expenses can be reduced by up to 30% in most cases by replacing undersized equipment. We will audit your printing habits and help select appropriate, economically operable machines that are best suited to your needs. We also provide financing solutions for printer acquisition.
  2. We also provide installation of printers supplied by us, as well as training your colleagues in order to allow for the full use of advantages offered by these machines.
  3. We take care of continuous operation of the equipment so you do not need to worry about running out of accessory materials.

Reducing expenses is one the easiest ways of increasing profitability, as a result of which many people by cheaper equipment with smaller capacity. But it is not always the cheapest machines and technology that save money. A multifunctional machine can often substitute the functions of 5 to 10 low-performance machines (printer/copy machine/fax/scanner), while its maintenance costs are much lower.

What are the advantages of operating printer?

  • Fixed, foreseeable expenses: you only need to plan for the fixed costs of each printed copy;
  • Maintenance and repairs for all operating machines are at hand, irrespective of the manufacturer
  • Availability is guaranteed throughout the term of operation, irrespective of warranty: in case of a failure, we will ensure uninterrupted service by visiting within 24 hours, and a substitute machine in case of repairs exceeding 72 hours;
  • We will monitor supplies and take care of reserve materials.

Credible and full notification of our Partners is our priority; therefore, we will provide a free audit to define the costs of our Partner's current printing equipment, and make recommendations for optimal printing solutions.

Publishing and unique printing solutions

Printing industry machines can be used for economic printing of huge volumes of material in excellent quality, for one-page or multipage unified prints, for example flyers, product catalogues, packaging or personalized documents: DMs, billing letters – We can provide the most suitable equipment.

Advantages of machines supplied by us:

  • Create documents in industry quality, faster than you would receive offers in a tender. Due to their design, these machines can be installed in office environments, saving the delay and costs of shipping.
  • Quick settings for colours further increase work process speed; the time needed for settings can be substantially reduced before each new production.
  • Low servicing requirements ensures high availability; maintenance time is reduced from several days to a few hours. Moreover, some machine parts can be supervised or replaced by maintenance crew after appropriate training.
  • The equipment has supplementary options of operation, making it possible to complete printing and cutting of packaging material in one step, and even folding, binding, puncturing printed material, or creating a notebook.

Large-format printing

Creating unique prints that are much larger than usual office documents for designing processes in design offices or manufacturers, and creating extra high-precision diagrams. At the same time, retail and wholesale merchants can also prepare advertisement posters for their shops with low cost and according to their relevant offers.

These machines will streamline any presentation or design processes that you may need for your enterprise; you can create blueprints, advertisement posters, flipcharts or flowcharts, quickly and economically. Apart from standard A0, B0 and C0 paper sizes, you can print in individual sizes, and machines are also available for cutting the prints in a single step to the desired size.

3D printing

For companies involved in manufacturing and design, it is a frequent problem to prepare samples, as these incur disproportionately high costs, and processes take up much time, while the options for intervention are reduced.

3D printing is a process used for preparing high-precision, finely detailed models or prototypes, in the course of which 3D models are created, sometimes made of several different materials. Models created by this process will provide excellent opportunity to discover and correct any failures before production commences. It is also useful for manufacturing small-series or even unique products, for example parts of a machine that are difficult to come by.

The scope of use for 3D printers keeps expanding; more and more people besides engineers, product developers, physicians, dental technicians and jewellers realize that kind of processes that 3D printed products can make easier and faster.

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