Negotiating techniques

Negotiating techniques

As our corporate life becomes faster and more complex, the speed dictated by our competitors falls as a burden on our Partners.

We have been seeking answers to the question of aiding our Partners to become more successful, for our success also depends on them. We managed to find the options whereby we can either make group work more efficient, or presentations that are based on personal contact more stunning and effective.

Interactive displays, tablets

Their purpose is not exhausted by controlling a screen with your fingers; they can also display incoming feedback, provide the opportunity for you to continue your presentation accordingly.

Presentation techniques and prepared demonstrations can of course still be used, and modern visual technology equipment open up new horizons before you.

5 reasons to use new visual technology options:

  1. Attention-drawing: You can show your professional expertise by using new skills, increase the sophistication of your meeting room, and differentiate yourself from competitors;
  2. Attractive: Due to multiple options than before, you can prepare even more exciting and attractive presentations;
  3. Creative: Your audience can give you live feedback during presentation, increasing their active attention and the sharing of ideas;
  4. Quick: You can attach notes or questions to your presentation, and save them along with any changes, or share the presentations as records;
  5. Efficient: It increases the efficiency of your colleagues for more than one person may work on a presentation at the same time.

Meeting room vacancy display

With the help of an email calendar, you can simply and efficiently book a meeting room. you will find a touchscreen display at the venue of the meeting, which makes it possible to display at all times the name of the person using the room or meeting venue.

The display is visually suited to even the most modern offices, helping to create a 21 century office environment.

We are aware of the importance of integrating the booking for meeting rooms. Thanks to the vacancy display, the status of each meeting room is clearly visible. You can book rooms simply, which ensures a more efficient booking process. The display is for improving living standards in the office.

Visual technology

Most businesses use some kind of demonstration tool during their meetings: projectors, displays or whiteboards.

Stand out from other market competitors and show off your professional expertise!

We offer professional visual technology equipment, the use of which will increase the elegance of the meeting room, the interactivity of the audience, and your professional prestige. In our supplies you will find every equipment you need for a presentation, from projectors to the latest interactive solutions.


Video conference

The most efficient form of communication is personal contact. Video conference systems are telecommunication solutions that eliminate physical distance and transfer audio-visual data between more than one location, providing all the advantages of a face-to face meeting: besides voice, you can also study facial expressions and body language, making information transfer smoother and more effective.

With video conference systems, we are talking about solutions that transfer voice and sound at the same time in professional quality and make it possible to read metacommunication, meaning that besides verbal information you receive visual cues containing much more information.

Compared to traditional data transfer through telephone or computers, this solution is safer, so your business secrets will not land in unauthorised hands, while you can maintain a more reliable contact without pause or disconnect.

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