Our repairs services, just as the products we distribute, cover the full spectrum of IT and office technology. Our aim is to ensure the uninterrupted availability and reliable operation of these tools to our customers.

The way we see it, services are not restricted to repairing faulty items; it also includes preventive care, such as:

  • maintenance
  • operation
  • consultancy
  • professional recommendations

In the course of repairs, we will always consider economic efficiency aspects.

Our impeccable background of logistics guarantees that we will be at your service at the prearranged time, or with the utmost promptness in case of an emergency, no matter where your company office or site is in the Northern Transdanubia region.

Our own, excellently trained and experienced team of professionals is at your service, with an unparalleled knowledge base in the region and up-to-date equipment. Nothing proves this more than we are the service partners of the best manufacturers, including Canon, Dell, HP, Ricoh, etc.

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