Security/safety service

Security/Safety service

Monitoring systems are required at more and more companies. Their installation in many respect is reminiscent to general IT networks; however, a large amount of data flow requires specific systems. In past years, we have installed high-security camera systems to increase building safety for numerous of our partners.

Installing cameras

As a first step, we discuss and agree on the objects to be observed. We design the required network, with special attention to the hubs. Uninterruptible power supplies installed in the network provide continuous energy supply for the cameras and protect against failures from electric surges and possible power outages. Afterwards, the cameras are installed and connected to the network.

Incoming camera images our recorded 24/7 at the dedicated servers. Motion detection may also be installed, for example in loading areas and routes with continuous recording, and in case of any movement, the archives will contain a time stamp when the system detected movement.

Following final configuration, the equipment undergoes a load test lasting for several days with significant overload. This way we can ensure that when the system is live, the greatest possible availability is provided to our users. We off electronic security systems, by which the efficacy of the personal "live protection" in facility protection can be further increased, or in some cases fully replaced.

Personal access systems

A well-chosen personal access system regulates and controls access to restricted areas in a cost-efficient manner. Records can be maintained on who entered the rooms at what time, which makes the system suitable for tracking working hours. We offer the installation and operation of card-based, PIN code, or even fingerprint-based identification systems.

Vehicle access systems

By recognizing vehicle license plates, systems are suitable, at low operational costs, to allow vehicles to access and leave certain areas, issuing authorisation, and recording events. Protecting facilities by electronic security systems is not only considerably cheaper than so-called "live protection", but often also more reliable.

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