Selection process

The level of success one attains is the most important factor for everyone. Some measure it by the number of businesses concluded, some by the errors solved. Whatever your motivation, you can find it with us.

If you are successful here, our company is also one step closer to success!

Selection process

Hiring a new associate is always preceded by a well-founded decision in which your direct manager takes part along with the strategic management of the company.

Our current applications are listed in the Vacancies menu. You can apply by writing to, indicating the position you would like to fill.

When selecting new employees, we consider personal values and skills more important than acquired qualifications. Our nearly 110 colleagues possess all the knowledge they need for uninterrupted work: this information is available to our new hires even during the initial training period. 

"The right man for the right place" - Lyard, 1855

We follow this evergreen slogan when choosing our new associates. We always ask for a CV with a photograph, also submitted in a foreign language you know, if the position so requires. The direct manager of the announced vacancy will then arrange a personal meeting where we try to get to know the personal characteristics of the applicant. If the applicant possesses all skills that comply with our needs, she or he is in a winning position. 

Afterwards, the direct manager will contact our HR associates, who will recommend the appropriate role or roles according to qualifications and experience, as well as personal characteristics and fields of interest. At the next personal meeting, these roles will be offered to the applicant, who can in turn make his or her choice. This is how applicants get hired to the role best suited to them.

The only way is up!

We cover a wide spectrum of information and office technologies, and our expertise is diverse: this can only be accomplished by creating several divisions. When creating a new division, or upon expansion, we first try to build from internal resources, that is we overview whether we have the appropriate workforce for the given task. Bur opportunities are always open to our colleagues to re-train for the role suited to their skills, and thereby climb the corporate ladder.

The above procedures ensure that our colleagues are motivated and successful in their work.

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