Servicing conditions

For the equipment to provide ongoing availability, you need a professional and well-organized repairs service that can deal with the challenge of various failures. Our motto is professionalism, training, and excellent equipment.  

Reporting a fault, information:

  • Opening hours: Weekdays between 900 and 1800 
  • Personally: H-9024 Győr, Szent Imre út 88., or by e-mail: and by phone at +36 96 510-062. Fax: +36 96 312-860
  • Bring in your faulty equipment. (Please, DO NOT bring in any local warranty items! Call the official service centre at the number indicated on the warranty leaflet.)
  • If the equipment is under warranty, we will need the warranty certificate and the invoice / copy of invoice.
  • Hand over the equipment to our service colleagues at the store and describe the fault in detail.
  • We will fill out a Service Sheet (Order Sheet) for the delivered item, which will serve as a receipt for you to verify your eligibility when you pick up the item.
  • Please check the information on the Service Sheet, especially your contact details.
  • At the handover, we will indicate the expected service period based on the typical timeframe of such repairs, and for pay services, we will also give an estimate of the fees. (We cannot guarantee the timeframe as it will be influenced by several external factors. A statistical average for repairs is 4 days.)
  • We will contact you in email, text message or by phone as soon as the item is ready. For email notifications, we will also let you know the service costs and the solution for the fault.
  • Please visit the store and pick up the item by showing the Service Sheet.
  • Please pick up the repaired item no later than one week from the said notification. (After 30 days we will charge a storage fee in the amount of HUF 381/day. After 60 days, unclaimed items will be destroyed. We will not accept damage claims in this case.) 
  • We provide warranty for the repairs as prescribed by the law.
  • We assume no responsibility for the data stored in the data carrier or storage equipment handed over to us.

WARNING: We repair hardware failures under warranty; software glitches, damaged or virus-infected systems or faulty user applications are not covered by warranty. Also not covered by warranty are faults due to inappropriate installation, unintended use, supplement ware, modifications not approved by the manufacturer, third-party interventions, improper use or storage, damages by nature, circumstantial damages (e.g., contamination, liquids), voltage surges, and force majeure.

Gross repair fees for pay services:

Call-out charge within Győr
HUF 3.000/case  
Call-out charge outside of Győr
HUF 127/km HUF 127 per kilometre from the municipal boundaries of Győr (calculated by a return trip basis)
Desktop PC, printer troubleshooting, diagnostics HUF 3.810
Desktop PC repairs: HUF 6.350/hour Repair period is usually less than 5 working days. In other cases (for example, lack of machine parts), we will notify the client
Notebook troubleshooting: 
HUF 6.985
Notebook repairs:
HUF 6.985/hour
We will give you a quote after analysing the problem; if accepted, the diagnosis is free of charge.
Display repairs: HUF 6.985/piece
In case the cost of repairs exceeds this amount, we will provide a quote.
Printer repairs:    HUF 6.350/hour
We will inform the client of the exact costs of repairs.
Department-level, large format printer repairs
HUF 12.700/hour  
Data back-up:
HUF 12.700/hour  
Specialist and engineering hourly rates: HUF 12.700/hour  
Priority servicing:  
HUF 6.350   For a priority fee, we will start repairs within 1 hour (repairs fee=priority fee+labour costs+call-out charge)

We charge by an hourly rate, but fees are calculated by 30-minute intervals so that each new 30-minute interval will be billed.

We do not charge call-out fees for in-house repairs, or repairs fee for equipment with warranty.

Prices are before VAT!

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