System management and support

System management and support

Our company has been involved in complex systems management and maintenance for decades. This gave us time to comprehend that we are here to look after the most important values of our Partners. We need to ensure that they can stay with their own businesses. We have developed and are still developing our systems management services in order to keep offering more and more to our Partners.

System overview

We always begin our systems management services with a thorough overview, which can also be considered an independent systems audit. The result of the overview is a report, comprehensible and suitable for processing by decision makers, containing the disadvantages of the currents system, its faults, and recommendations for their solution.

Managed services

Services are not only about carrying out tasks; it also requires transparent management and supervision. Our Partners get a full picture of the quality indexes of the service, based on which they can decide of the solution is right for them, or if it needs further development. We prepare our recommendations in a way that yields a clear picture of the available pathways. 

Your only remaining task is to make decisions.

Data security

A corollary of our services is that we need to protect our Partners’ data. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 proves that we understand the importance of the matter, and considered it when we had designed our services. Our priority is to apply technologies to stop data leakage to unauthorised parties and to prevent data loss.

Mobile tools in a corporate environment

These days, a mobile phone is smarter than a desktop PC was a few years ago. These mobile tools are as much of an accessory in a corporate environment as personal computers. Consequently, our services extend, in needed, to these tools as well, supported by appropriate processes.

High-level accessible solutions

We are close to large enterprise IT solutions and can boast having several ITIL experts on our team. However, most of our Partners do not necessarily need the most complex service methodology. The solution we found is that we only implement some of the ITIL requirements from its solutions into our services in an attempt to maintain the balance between a well-founded and transparent service and its costs.

Our experienve so far proves that we are on the right track.

Our partner is always our top priority

One of our important rules is that our services are about our Partners, not us. We measure success by the increasing success that our Partners acclaim with our help.

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