Teamwork solutions

‘Do not be afraid to take a big step if it seems necessary. We will not pass an abyss with two small skips. This is the only efficient method for all parties concerned.’

József Pintér – Head of Services

Teamwork solutions

Systems built and based on the Microsoft SharePoint software family, whose main goal is to support teamwork by file sharing and project management tools, among others.

What can team webspace be used for?

  • Storing version-tracked documents: more than one person can edit a document at the same time, jointly, to make work more efficient. Of course, there is an option to restrict access by other people during editing. Another useful function is offline synchronizing: a copy is saved on the PC of the folders and their contents, and when internet connection is restored, the new versions are synchronized, marking any possible controversies.
  • Managing joint calendars and registers; the former include the most important aspect by scheduling human resources, while the latter maintain an up-to-date registry of the contacts for all the partners of the company;
  • Designing and overseeing task lists and projects: Specific projects are displayed in a clean and plannable manner, along with the relevant state of completion. All related activities can be precisely tracked by GANTT diagrams, and the prepared documents can be attached for easy access of information to all participants in the project.
  • Workflow: A system that operates similarly to the above, for completing recurring tasks. The important difference is that there is an option for the workflow to start automatically at a predefined event. This can be, for example, a failure reporting system, where one user can provide a signal, whereby successive tasks with more than one partner can be initiated. 
  • Web functions: for creating public websites as well as internal community pages, debate forums, and surveys.
  • Since all of the above options are integrated into a single system, the available functions can be used jointly without limits.

Creating a teamwork supportive environment with Mod

  1. Audit: As a first step, we will audit and get to know your business processes and the points and methods of possible optimization by creating a team webspace. Based on our findings, we will prepare the technical and flow blueprints, discussed with our partners.
  2. Creating the technological environment: Taking the finalized design as their foundation, our engineers will create the background infrastructure, either serviced from the cloud or by using local servers.
  3. Constructing the team webspace: In this step we will upload the already existing data and test whether all elements of the system perform as expected.
  4. Introduction and follow-up: Introducing a new system in the life of an enterprise is always preceded by rejection, since they constitute a change to familiar work methods. With our years of experience, we have learnt to manage such situations, and we always resolve these problems.
  5. Introducing a new system is not finished by handing over the turnkey methods; we will also train your colleagues to use them efficiently.
  6. Ongoing supervision and development: Our engineers make sure on every day of the week and in every hour of the day that our systems are operating in an uninterrupted manner, and the data stored are always available. We do not only monitor systems operation, but also data usage methods, and if we find a new point of development in our services, we will discuss them in every instance.


Csoportmunka támogatás

The scope of email usage is considerably wider than it used to be: it is no longer only used in communication between two parties, but also for transferring multi-level information within internal company teams or towards customers. Managing and sorting out messages is taking up an increasingly large portion of daily work.

For the purpose of a structured workflow, we need a single platform for conveying information, organizing meetings, scheduling processes, and sharing documents. These solutions, whose purpose is to provide a wide range of functions for shared work, are called teamwork-supporting systems. These can be considered a comprehensive service with the elements we offer, such as high availability and data backup. 

  • In the discussion category view, you can easily overview entire groups of emails and documents for each specific topic;
  • You have the option to mark individual messages or assign deadlines to them for subsequent processing;
  • By assigning filters and automatic blocking of unwanted spams, managing messages takes up less time;
  • You can create folders and subfolders, group your messages and address books, and share them with your colleagues for a faster and more efficient information stream and for exact delegation of tasks;
  • Thanks to the high-profile connection management tools, the data available in your PC mail system is harmonized with the one on your mobile phone;
  • Supporting calendar and task management functions is essential, since you can directly click an email to arrange a meeting with all interested participants, where the information you need for the meeting is right there in the emails.
  • You can overview your colleagues’ scheduled, and if an invitee is not available at the designated time, the system will let you know before you send them the invitation.

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